Crazy about Cicadas

The book Cicada Olympics: Engaging Kids in Live Insect Activities by Dr. Cindy Smith and Dr. Richard Groover (2021) is a great resource for sparking the interest of young minds in entomology. Children often mimic the behavior of adults, so if a grownup freaks out at the sight of a cicada or any bug, kids are likely to follow suit rather than learning more about insects and possibly developing a lifelong interest in them and their place in the sustainment of our natural world.

Here are a few great cicada websites and apps where you can look up the cicada forecast and plan your next cicada reunion:

Occoquan History

Occoquan Mayor Earnie Porta compiled Occoquan, an Images of America book filled with pictures and history of the town. Some of the most stunning images are those from the 1916 fire and the 1972 hurricane when floodwaters breached the dam. The town recovered from both tragedies and is thriving today. [Porta, Earnie. 2010. Occoquan (Images of America). Arcadia Publishing.]

Amanda’s Artistry

If you liked the jewelry and fashions described in the book, the character Amanda and her creations were modeled Upcycled Designer Gemz.

Local Travel

Let the Potomac Shores series inspire you to travel. Here are some of the places mentioned in The Cicada Spring or on Mason Neck.



Restaurants & Wineries